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Episode 12 – ‘Born to Win’ and the Good God It’s DeNiro Again

A70-8640In Episode 12, Craig and Shawn continue their infinite quest to watch every movie that sort of involves Robert DeNiro but not that much.  This week, that movie is 1971’s ‘Born to Win’, which also has other actors in it that you’ve probably heard of.

In this one, George Segal plays a heroin junkie who is out to straighten out, but also to get high, but also to redeem himself, but also to get high again.  It goes around and around like that.  Karen Black is there, too, being her usual magical Kareny Black self.

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Directed by Ivan Passer
Written by David Scott Milton and Ivan Passer
Starring George Segal, Paula Prentiss, Karen Black, Jay Fletcher, Hector Elizondo, Burt Young, Robert DeNiro
Produced by Philip Langner and Jerry Tokofsky
Music by William Fischer
Cinematography by Richard C. Kratina and Jack Priestly
Edited by Ralph Roseblum