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EP 54 – 1985 Part 4: A Place for Your Bubble Gum

It’s true – each and every one of us needs a place for our gum.  Few of us, however, have the guts to really go ahead and find that place, societal rules be damned.

Luckily, Chuck Norris’ Matt Hunter in one of this week’s movies is just such a gut.

This week, Craig and Shawn look at the alpha and omega of 1985 one-man-army movies – the Arnold Schwarzenegger kill-’em-up ‘Commando’ and the Chuck Norris head-scratch-’em-up ‘Invasion USA’. We’ll let you decide which one is alpha and which one is omega, but in terms of ignoring these two movies any longer, you have no choice.

Whilst watching Commando, keep an eye out for the late great Bill Paxton!  He’ll sneak right up on you, believe it!

And whilst watching Commando, eagle-eyed viewers will notice that Chuck Norris ain’t give a damn.

Let off some steam, listeners!