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Season 2 Ep 22 – ‘The Harder They Come’

Hey, everybody – a wise man once said “You can have it if you really want. But you must try. Try and try. Try and try. You’ll succeed at last.”

That man was Jimmy Cliff, star of this week’s movie ‘The Harder They Come’. It’s a crime film from 1972, set in Jamaica and pretty well unlike any other 1972 crime film you’re likely to see. So don’t miss out – as of this writing it’s on Amazon Prime, if you’re the type to Prime.

As for our episode – you don’t have to try and try at all. You WILL succeed in finding it at the link below or where ever you keep your favorite pile of podcasts. If you really dig it, won’t you leave a review at Apple Podcasts so that other people might find it?  Thank you!


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