NEVER HEARD OF IT is all about the movies that have slipped through our cracks.

Each episode, Shawn Harwell (Red Oaks, Eastbound and Down, The Campaign) and Craig Moorhead (The Heroes of Arvine Place, Nightmare Next Door) select a movie that one of them has never heard of but probably should have.  Then the two of them go through the movie, puzzling out why some movies last forever and some disappear.

This ain’t a traditional review show – there are plenty of those.  Craig and Shawn are not going to spend their precious time trying to come up with the best ways to insult people’s work.  This is about looking for those movies they always meant to get to and hopefully finding some gems.

If you’ve got suggestions for movies or horrible insults to hurl at them, please do so on Twitter at @neverpodcast.  They will most likely retweet you, so make sure you spellchek.  For even more ways to interact, check the Submit page.




Shawn Harwell is a screenwriter who lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and daughter. In addition to many, many terrific and terrible movies, he has also apparently never heard of better bands than Poison. Which is most of them.





Craig Moorhead is an editor working on television shows in which either animals hunt down and kill their prey or jilted exes hunt down and kill their prey.  He also co-produced Todd Rohal’s first feature The Guatemalan Handshake and was the lead editor on The Heroes of Arvine Place, written and directed by Damian K. Lahey (Cocaine Angel).