Hey, nerds.  Do you have a movie you think we should check out, one that you think we’ve never heard of?  If it’s readily available and neither Craig nor Shawn have heard of it, by god, they will watch it.  And talk about it!

So submit it in the Twitter feed you see there on the right of your screen and let’s see what’s what.  Not a tweeter?  Not a  problem.  You can email us your suggestions here.

Hate email and everything it stands for?  Relax!  Visit us on Facebook and you can not only make suggestions to Craig and Shawn, but also make fun of others’ suggestions and get in crazy fights with people you don’t know about stuff that doesn’t really matter!

Think the world wide web is the downfall of mankind?  (Really??  How are you even reading this?!)  Then give Aerial Advertising a call at 323-250-0506, tell them the name of the movie you want to suggest, and book their plane to fly over the Eastern United States between Georgia and Pennsylvania.  If it’s a clear day and Craig and Shawn aren’t busy doing literally anything else, they’ll keep their eyes peeled!


*Craig and Shawn thank you in advance for doing your part in making them smarter.